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Geo-X supplies the following Geosynthetics, used in solving civil engineering problems.

With our wide range of polymer choices, we can even cater for UV exposed applications as well as extreme pH levels


  • We supply different Geotextiles for drainage, separation, reinforced separation, erosion, filtration and liner protection
  • Woven and Non-woven geotextiles
  • Polyester , Polypropylene & Nylon


Geogrids are used for many applications where natural soils are too expensive or unavailable. Low CBR soils can be utilized together with Geogrids to achieve the desired design paramaters.

Applications for geogrids:

  • Reinforcing of soil on roads, railways, platforms, harbors
  • Walls and slopes
  • Sink holes and undermining
  • Loading platforms for heavy cranes
  • Pavement optimization and/or reduction
  • Veneer reinforcing on lining/barrier systems to create stable and safe slopes
  • Asphalt Reinforcing

Our grids offer:

  • 3D grids structures – for increased friction
  • Widest range of Polymer ( DNA of the grid) choice available to suit different environments
  • Lowest Creep factors available
  • Resistant to pH levels between 3-13
  • Design back-up with PI
  • Can be used with any Soil, Aggregate and Sand


Geonet applications:

  • Drainage cores
  • Alternative to stone drains
  • Spacers for leakage collection/detection layers


Geomembranes are used in as barrier systems in landfills, reservoirs, canals, mines and other containment facilities. Its primary function is always containment as a liquid or vapor barrier.

Different polymers are available like HDPE, LDPE , PVC etc.

Textured and Smooth membranes are available for different friction requirements.

We supply and use top quality Geomembranes with accredited certification

geosynthetic clay liners

Geosynthetic clay liners ( GCL )

Geosynthetic clay liners are factory fabricated thin layers of bentonite clay, sandwiched between two geotextiles. Our GCLs can be coated with a Poly-Ethylene membrane if required.

  • We supply top quality GCL’s with accredited certification
  • Sodium bentonite
  • Calcium Bentonite
  • Our coated GCLs combats desiccation, panel shrinkage , root penetration and Ion-exchange issues


Geocomposites consists of a combination of geotextiles, Geogrids, Geonets and/or Geomembranes in a factory fabricated unit. The major functions are: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and containment or a combination of the above.



Geocells (also known as Cellular Confinement Systems) are three-dimensional honeycombed cellular structures that form a confinement system when filled with compacted soil. Mainly used in slope protection and earth retention applications, Geocells are made from advanced polymers being increasingly adopted for long-term road and rail load support. Design support is available for stabilizing sandy areas, concrete canals and crossing low CBR soils.